Steppingstone Funding Pty Ltd offers a simple fund raising model and assists companies that are investor ready looking to raise a minimum of $250,000 up to $1.5million with a maximum of $5 Million and who seek an alternative capital raising option.

We guide selected companies through the necessary processes including compliance, business structure, administration and marketing of the capital raising.

Our services also include facilitating the platform and local compliance requirements for foreign companies accessing the platform.

Our point of difference to potential companies is that we do not charge an up front retainer to start the capital raising process and if successful, early investors have the opportunity to exit their equity investment.

If a company is successful in raising capital our remuneration is through equity in the company and a percentage of the funds the company raises through the platform.

We hope this provides you with an overview and if you see synergies where we can work together we welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you further.